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Houzz Tour: The Power of Simple Shapes and Crayon Color (18 photos)

Color and shape often determine how we organize the world around us. That’s certainly the case with this home in Adelaide, Australia, designed by architectural practice Grieve Gillett Andersen. Composed of a series of elemental shapes and saturated primary and…

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Why and How to Name Your Digital Photos (4 photos)

Let’s talk about metadata, a word that may stir a sense of uncertainty and fear in you if you’ve never heard it before or if technology isn’t your strongest suit. Metadata refers to the properties of an image — things…

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Double Take: Disappearing Table Gives 1 Room 3 Uses (4 photos)

In an 835-square-foot condo, details matter. “My mother was downsizing from a much larger house into this home, and we wanted to set it up to make her feel great,” says interior designer Maribeth Brostowski. The full renovation completely…

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Los Angeles Tests Heat-Beating Streets

(AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

Some cities — Denver, San Francisco, Philadelphia — are turning to green roofs as a way to mitigate summer heat. Los Angeles is looking lower and darker — at light gray streets that…

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