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Surrey, UK & Beverly Hills, USA Travel Guide Inspired by ‘The Holiday’

The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-1Ahead of this month’s release of The Intern movie, the next stop, or I should say, stops, on my tour to create travel guides for Warner Brothers inspired by much-loved Nancy Meyers movies are… Surrey, England and Beverly Hills. With full guides already posted for The Hamptons inspired by Something’s Gotta Give and Santa Barbara for It’s Complicated, I travelled half away around the world to create a guide for Nancy’s charming 2006 film, The Holiday. Click through after the jump to see how you can experience the characters lives played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in their respective (and oh-so-different) homes in the UK and USA…!

The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-2The exterior of Cameron Diaz’s dreamy English cottage in the film was actually purpose built in two weeks for the filming, but that didn’t stop me from seeking out a charming cottage that instantly reminds one of her home in the film! Be sure to keep an eye out for cottages just like this all over Surrey – they will charm you something silly!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-3There’s no quicker way to get into the country spirit than an afternoon spent at Petersham Nurseries. Nestled away near the River Thames the nursery offers a traditional English tea room, a popular restaurant (be sure to book!) with seating tucked between plants, trees and water fountains, along with a sizeable garden and home design centre to browse and shop.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-4The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-5More information: Petersham Nurseries.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-6Hands up who remembers the scene from The Holiday were Jude Law and Cameron Diaz go for a date at an English country house? Well, you can relieve that moment with a film-inpisred walk through the beautiful gardens of Ham House and Garden, which is also a National Trust property. From country cottage to linear Italian style, there’s a variety of gardens to explore within the grounds of the impressive 17th-century house.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-7The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-8More information: Ham House & Gardens.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-9The small village of Shere in Surrey was used as a location for several of the English countryside scenes. It’s well worth adding this stop to your itinerary because it’s just as charming in real life as it is in the film. You will feel like you’ve stepped back in time, I promise!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-10The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-11Shere is at the foot of the Surrey Hills and is brimming with quintessentially British places to explore and enjoy. The Dabbling Duck tea room is the perfect little spot to indulge in some British traditions, such as an afternoon cream tea and scones. Delicious! The cafe is full of freshly baked cakes and small giftable items, too.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-12More information: Dabbling Duck Tea Room.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-13Another filming location, still within the village of Shere, is The White Horse pub: the interior was used as the set for Jude and Cameron’s first proper date. Stop in for a swift half or a pub lunch!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-14More information: The White Horse Pub.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-15One of the funniest scenes from the movie is when Cameron attempts to drive her red Mini through the show into the village. I thought it would be fun to take inspiration from this scene and hire the same red Mini she drives in the film to explore the Surrey Hills. Hire one for your adventure, here.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-16Remember those sweeping cinematic shots in the movie of the English countryside blanketed in snow? Well even without the snow they are beautiful enough to stop you in your tracks, so be sure to put some time aside to just wonder the trails through the Surrey Hills.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-17With your tummy full and a hearty walk ticked off the list, stop back into Shere for a little gift shopping at Cuckoo’s Corner. Inside is a treasure trove of handmade buys from local designers, cosy throws and charming nik-nacs. | More information: Cuckoo’s Corner.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-18Of course, the Surrey leg of this guide wouldn’t be complete without a place to stay that makes you feel as if you are living in Kate Winslet’s charming cottage from the movie! The Crown Hotel is the perfect spot. Located around half an hour from the Surrey Hills, the hotel rooms are located around a courtyard planted with English cottage flowers and each room had a roll-top, freestanding bath tub! Naturally, I had to recreate that scene where Cameron tries to take a bath in the film!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-19The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-20More information: The Crown Hotel.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-21With your fix of English countryside charm it’s time to jump on a flight to Los Angeles and explore the second major location of the film, Beverly Hills. With blooming bougainvillea, succulents a plenty and lashings of sunshine the start contrast is as evident in real life as it is in the film. A drive down the Pacific Palisades (remember when Kate is in the yellow cab with her head out the window marvelling at how exotic everything is?!) is a sure fire way to get you in the Californian mood!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-22A quick stop into Juice Served Here will quickly tick off that Californian juice cliche from your list! These raw, cold-pressed juices are so good you’ll probably decide to make a stop in every morning of your trip.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-23More information: Juice Served Here.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-24The moment you step inside Anine Bing you feel as though it would be the kind of shop movie trailer editor Amanda Woods (played by Cameron Diaz) would have shopped. In a word? Chic. | More information: Anine Bing.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-25The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-26Movie trivia alert! Did you know that Nancy Meyers shopped much of the interior of Cameron Diaz’s Beverly Hills home from Mecox? Inside the Los Angeles outlet you can find divine one of a kind antiques, unusual re-editions and classic Mecox designs. Interior decor heaven!The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-27More information: Mecox.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-28Still in the mood to shop? Continue the chic theme started at Anine Bing with a stop at stylish French clothing brand, APC. | More information: APC.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-29The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-30Shopped until your dropped? OK, rest up with a coffee from Alfred’s. Located on Melrose Place amongst a long line of chic boutiques this is the perfect spot to drink great coffee and people watch. | More information: Alfred’s Cafe.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-31Ever is the magic of movies, the scene were Cameron and Jude have lunch at the English country house was actually filmed inside Greystone Mansion which is tucked away in the heart of Los Angeles! This super romantic spot is a lovely place to relax amongst the buzz of the city.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-32More information: Greystone Mansion.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-33Rounding out this guide is the SLS Beverly Hills hotel. With interior design by Philippe Starck, a luxurious Ciel spa, rooftop pool and delicious tapas twist restaurant, The Bazaar by José Andrés, this is the ideal hotel for leading a glamorous Los Angeles life inspired by Amanda Woods.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-34Have you ever been to either Surrey or Beverly Hills? What are your favourite moments from The Holiday? | More information: SLS Beverly Hills Hotel.The-Holiday-Movie-Locations-Travel-Guide-35 // Photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Warner Brothers; all views my own

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