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6 Big Trends From Denmark’s June Design Fest (18 photos)

Nobody can tell for certain what materials will dominate, which color combinations will rule and how Danish design will look in the coming years, but the 3 Days of Design festival, held in Copenhagen this June, offered a good...

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How New Haven Plans to Fix State DOT’s Blight

Downtown New Haven (Photo by Roman Eugeniusz)

A long back-and-forth between the city of New Haven and the Connecticut State Department of Transportation is finally working its way to a resolution that could benefit neighborhoods with troublesome…

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Bestselling Outdoor Lounge Sets (139 photos)

Taking to the outdoors doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Choose a sofa set or a pair of chaises to sprawl out under the sun with all the comforts of your indoor abode. However you relax, this collection of in-demand…

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