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9 Life Lessons From Nordic Style (9 photos)

The world has long been hungry for the Nordic lifestyle, with our love of design, nature, light and living the good life. But this is about much more than painting your floorboards white or throwing a sheepskin on a chair…

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Shop Houzz: Design a Schoolhouse-Inspired Kitchen (58 photos)

Most classrooms don’t use chalkboards anymore, but the look and feel of a vintage schoolhouse have an appeal that we can’t shake. The aesthetic lies somewhere between farmhouse and industrial with a splash of tradition thrown in for good measure.…

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10 Deer-Resistant Native Flowers to Plant This Fall (10 photos)

As interest in native plants grows, so does the desire for finding those that are not mowed to the ground by deer. Natives are an especially popular choice for large naturalized plantings, just the sort of environment where deer are…

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This Online Test Might Help Big Tech With Its Diversity Problem

After Etsy ditched the “whiteboard challenge” in its hiring process, substantially more women were brought on as engineers. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

When entrepreneur Petar Vujosevic and his business partner launched a new online hiring platform last summer called…

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Reclaiming a Detroit Road, One Parking Space at a Time

(Photo by Matthew Lewis)

Michigan Avenue, one of several “spoke” roads emanating from downtown Detroit, is an impressively long thoroughfare that runs westward beyond the city limits for hundreds of miles to Michigan’s west coast.

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dominique perrault awarded japan’s praemium imperiale laureate for architecture

dominique perrault awarded japan’s praemium imperiale laureate for architectureimage by the japan art association/sankei shimbun       each year five individuals across the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, music and theater/film are awarded the global arts prize: praemium…

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S.F. Supervisor Says City Should Always Be Building Its Next Subway

(Photo by Edward Betts)

San Francisco’s downtown-centric subway system leaves many of the city’s residents without access, and Supervisor Scott Wiener wants that to change. This week, he proposed legislation that would establish a long-term transit plan and…

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