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New Year’s Eve DIY Decor & Party Ideas

Moet-moments-1With my recent move to NYC I’ve realised how important it is to ‘live in the now’. I had dreamed of moving here for many, many years so I know how fortunate I am to now be living here, and genuinely living out one of my life dreams and goals – my aim is to soak up every moment! New Year’s Eve is always a time of reflection of the year past and ahead, and celebration of the life moments one has experienced, both big and small. The last two years I have celebrated NYE in Paris: once with good friends and once just my heart mate and I sipping bubbles in a tiny bar. This year I’m looking forward to celebrating with new friends here in New York City, so I partnered with Moet to develop two stylish DIY party decor ideas that reflect the importance of celebrating. Click though to see all the fun and how-tos!

Moet-moments-2The first DIY is a super stylish paper fan photo booth backdrop. After all, what’s a party without all the hilarious (read: totally embarrassing!) pictures to flick through and share the next morning?!Moet-moments-3WHAT YOU NEED
– A hot glue gun.
– A series of paper fans in your chosen colour palette to match the party. For example, mine were metallic and inspired by the gold wrap on the neck of each Moet bottle.
– A sheet of fabric, wide enough to allow for 2-4 people in front of it.
– Command 3M strips, safety pins or nails to hang the backdrop.
– Props to help bring out your guests’ playful side!
Moet-moments-4The first step is to fold out all your fans and lay them in the desired pattern on the fabric. Next, turn each fan over and add a generous amount of hot glue onto the centre of the fan.Moet-moments-5With the glue in place, turn the fan over and press it into place on the fabric. Repeat steps two and three for all the fans. Once dry, you are ready to hang the backdrop. Set the camera up on a tripod with a self-clicker to make it easy for guests to take snaps all night long as the Moet flows!Moet-moments-6My pal Brooke and I had a lot of fun in the photo booth…not that you can tell! Masquerade masks, trumpets, silly glasses – all of these fun props help to make a photo booth memorable.Moet-moments-7The second DIY decor idea that’s perfect for a stylish New Year’s Eve party is glitter bottles.
– Extra fine metallic glitter from a craft store.
– Spray glue.
– Scrap newspaper/drop sheet.
– Helium-filled balloons with ribbon.
Moet bottle.Moet-moments-8The first step is to spray the bottle with the glue in a well ventilated space (or outside) and over a drop sheet. Next, generously sprinkle over the glitter until the glass is covered. Then turn the bottle and repeat until you get all the way around. Leave the next of the bottle exposed with the foil for a stylish look. Fix the balloon to the neck of the bottle and the project is complete.Moet-moments-9Try grouping a series of glitter bottles together to make a stylish statement and create a party vibe. Or, consider making one to take to a NYE party as a hostess gift that packs stacks of style.Moet-moments-10It’s pretty cool to dress all in black and then arrive at a party with a gold metallic balloon and glittered Moet bottle – it acts as a stylish and celebratory accessory that makes the whole outfit pop!Moet-moments-11Talking of ‘pop’, no party is complete without confetti canons to let off when the clock strikes midnight. They are the perfect way to add to the buzz of the big moment!Moet-moments-12And once you’ve toasted to the year gone and the one ahead…Moet-moments-13…you can catch one of your loved ones off guard by popping a confetti balloon as a surprise – their reaction is guaranteed to be priceless as they won’t be expecting it after midnight. Plus, it’s a great way to energise to keep the party spirits high well into the night! How will you be celebrating NYE this year? Do you have any favourite DIY projects you like to do for NYE parties? Be sure to check out Moet’s latest Open The Now film, too!Moet-moments-14 // Photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Moet; all views my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help keep Bright.Bazaar going!

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