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Let’s Party: Holiday Season Is Here!

holiday party planningThe holiday season is always such a frantic time of year, don’t you think? Every year I say to myself that I’m going to be more organized and get on top of everything I need to do, see the people I want to see, and not be lost in a sea of wrap and sticky tape on Dec 24th! Yet, somehow, the months of November and December run away from me and before I know it, it’s two days before Christmas and I’m still sending out cards, buying presents and preparing for the Big Day. Well, this year I’m not just vowing to be more organized, I’m actually going to do it. YEAH! I’m super excited to be throwing an intimate holiday party at the beach house in partnership with my friends from Moen. (Psssst! If you’re in the market for a new faucet to upgrade your kitchen before all your friends and fam come over in the next few months, these guys are gonna be your best friend right now. Juuuust sayin’!)

So how am I going to stick to schedule? Well, I’m starting off today by sharing what’s inspiring me and the direction I’m thinking of going in for the holiday party look, feel and mood. Then over the next month I’m going to be sharing weekly updates of the holiday party planning process, from tablescape ideas and outfit selections through to curating a Spotify playlist (hopefully with your help!) and the design direction for the holiday decor. I hope that by signing up to share the process with you guys it will help me keep on track, and fingers crossed inspire you guys for any holiday party entertaining you have planned yourselves!

To kick off, I pulled together this mood board with the design direction for the holiday party. This year I’m feeling an organic mix of rich olive and eucalyptus tones paired with rustic wooden textures and tactile linens and ceramics. There will be some mercury glass, flickering candles and warm woods to give it that festive holiday feel, too. I’m thinking a signature holiday party cocktail (with bubbles, of course) is a must. Plus, I hope to find a recipe for one I can make ahead of time so that guests can easily be refilled and I can spend time mingling with them. And, naturally, I plan on choosing an outfit that pairs perfectly with the decorative surroundings – you guys know how much I love a color match moment. So there’s lots of planning to be done and decisions to be made… exciting! More to come soon. In the meantime, please do let me know what you are thinking of this design direction for the holiday party!

Sources: fig.1 | fig.2 | fig.3 | fig.4 | fig.5 | fig.6 | fig.7 | fig.8 | fig.9 | fig.10 | fig.11 | fig.12 | fig.13 | fig.14 | fig.15 | fig.16 | fig.17 | fig.18 | fig.19 | Top photograph of the Willem Brass Bell Garland from Rowen & Wren.

// Original mood board designed for and posted in partnership with Moen.

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