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How to Haul Your Groceries Home via Bike-Share

(Credit: XFR Tote)

Think “hauling around stuff” and “bike-share” don’t mix? Well, three designers are offering a solution for people who’d like to be able to transport groceries or run pickup/dropoff errands using the likes of Citi Bike. The XFR Tote prototype is shaped and sized after a standard brown paper bag and slides onto the typical bike-share bike carriers that many find too small for practical use. The material’s hardy, and adaptable handles can make it a tote, a messenger bag or a backpack.

According to Fast Company, a lack of graphics or branding is intentional, so that companies can add their own logo and give the XFR Totes to customers.

The product’s in Kickstarter phase, but shipments could come as soon as March.