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Holiday Party Playlist

holiday party playlistI’m not quite sure how we have already reached the middle of November but, hey, here we are! Seriously, where has this past month/year gone?! It feels like I blinked in March and suddenly spring and summer flashed by and I’m back in all my coats and scarves again. Well, to be honest, I’m embracing the cold and the seasonal cheer because the further we pass through November the closer the date of this year’s holiday party! If you’ve been following along in recent weeks then you’ll have seen my holiday party planning posts that have covered overall party design direction, plus a round-up of the 14 things every holiday party tablescape needs. Today’s post shines the spotlight on the holiday party playlist as I continue my collaboration with Moen, who are very generously sponsoring the intimate holiday party I’m throwing with my heartmate at our beach house this year.

As we worked our way through the planning of our holiday party playlist this past week, we decided it made sense to break the playlist up into three sections. Our thinking behind this was that it would allow us to group tracks that fitted the different sections of the evening. We split the holiday party playlist up as follows:

1. Festive holiday music and seasonal classics | Every holiday party should kick off with a fun dose of seasonal cheer, right? We plan to serve a fun, festive and fizzy cocktail for our guests as they arrive, so it only makes sense to kick the holiday party playlist off with a little, well, fizz, too! A few classics (Mariah, anyone?) mixed in with some upbeat holiday tunes to encourage seasonal nostalgia and set the party off on a festive note while our guests mingle.

2. Jazz, easy-listening and covers | As we move to the dining table to eat dinner we figured it made sense to transition the holiday party playlist into more of a jazz direction. I’ve always found jazz to be super cozy and comforting, so I think it’s the perfect genre to play at a holiday party. Plus, it’s perfect background music to enjoy while we eat. We’ve threw a few covers in there as they make fun conversation starters (read: debates!).

3. Party songs and modern tracks | Post-dinner the playlist picks up a little more pace. We wanted this part of the holiday party playlist to be lively yet subtle enough (i.e. no club bangers!) so that the tracks will work as background music while out guests chat or we play games. A Will & Grace style marathon of ‘Head’s Up’, anyone?!

You can follow the holiday party playlist via Moen’s Spotify page and be sure to play it at your own holiday parties this season! Also, please do let me know of any tracks you’d add to the playlist.

// Styling & photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Moen

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