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#BBbrownstone: Bedroom Makeover, First Update

Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-1After giving you guys the tour of my first NYC apartment last month, I’m super excited to bring you the first update in the design of #BBbrownstone. As I’ve been slammed with shoots (literally, the first thing I bought for the apartment was photo shoot equipment before I even had a mattress!) I partnered with Task Rabbit to hire a helping hand with getting my vision for the bedroom underway. Even if you have lived somewhere for many years it can be hard to find a tradesperson you feel you can trust with your home projects, right? So the thought of finding a great handyman in a new city was all kinds of overwhelming. That’s why I was so relieved to discover Task Rabbit – they connect homeowners to safe and reliable taskers in your neighbourhood for a whole variety of tasks. As I didn’t require design help but rather the technical skills of a tasker to help deliver the vision I had, this service suited me perfectly. The project was to cover the main wall in our bedroom with plywood in order to project the walls (we’re in a rental) before applying Stikwood planks. Click through to see the project progress, the finished result and my next steps for the space.

Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-2The moment Patrick from Task Rabbit arrived I knew I was in good hands. He was super friendly and, genuinely, I’ve not seen such a dedicated and engaged work ethic from a tradesperson in years. He shared my excitement for the project and was animated and passionate about making sure everything was just right. I had already rough painted the plywood planks (as per Stikwood’s guidelines for temporary application of their planks), so the first step was to measure the plywood planks to fit the wall.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-3The next step was to cut the plywood to size. Me and a saw? No thanks! Thankfully Patrick was there to show me how it was done.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-4With the plywood panels cut to size Patrick set about attaching them to the wall.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-5Once the plywood was in place, Patrick drew a horizontal line across the length of the wall for us to use as a guide to fix the Stikwood planks.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-6While Patrick prepped the walls I started laying out the Stikwood planks in a pleasing pattern – a nice varied mix of lengths and distressed details to give a stylish finished look.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-7With my design direction, Patrick and I then attached the planks to the wall – as simple as peeling off the backing and pressing the plank onto the wall. It was super fun to see the wall come to life – and quickly, too.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-8Patrick trimmed any planks that were too long and before we knew it, the project was completed!Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-9I’m so pleased with how the finished wall looks and a few days after Patrick left I decided to trim the window in a brass L-trim to hide the ends of the plywood and Stikwood.Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-10The wall of reclaimed weathered white wood has injected a beautiful texture to the space and is the perfect base for me to build up the rest of the scheme. Have you ever used Task Rabbit? What do you think of my new bedroom wall?Task-Rabbit-BBbrownstone-Bright-Bazaar-NYC-apartment-11 // Photography by Will Taylor | Posted in partnership with Task Rabbit; all views my own.

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