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Airbnb Releases NYC Data

Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Airbnb released new data about its business in New York City, offering anonymized statistics regarding active online vacation rentals (what Airbnb calls “home sharing”) in the last year.

“We hope this data will provide additional facts and insight to everyone who is interested in responsible home sharing in New York City,” Airbnb noted in the report. “We remain committed to working with policymakers and elected officials on clear, fair rules for home sharing. Additionally, we strongly oppose large-scale speculators who turn dozens of apartments into illegal hotel rooms. Illegal hotels are not in the interests of our guests, our hosts, our company, or the cities where Airbnb hosts share their space.”

Airbnb announced a transparency pledge last month, a move that could help the company get along better with some city officials. But the New York data — about almost 60,000 listings — illustrates how some Airbnb hosts might be breaking state law.

Gothamist points out that the full data — which can be viewed after making an appointment at Airbnb’s office in New York — shows that 55 percent of Airbnb hosts rent out their entire apartments while they’re gone, as opposed to a single room, which may be illegal in the state of New York depending on the length of the renter’s stay.

Other data highlights, according to Airbnb: 95 percent of home hosts share only one listing, 90 percent of hosts surveyed say the property is their permanent home, and the median supplemental income earned from Airbnb participation in the region is $5,110.