September 2015

How U.S. Cities Are Making (and Spending) Money

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2016 budget includes a $543 million property tax increase over four years to help with billions of dollars in pension and other municipal debt and repair Chicago schools’ low credit rating. (AP Photo/Christian K. Lee,…

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Shop Houzz: Modern Goth (46 photos)

A modern goth home isn’t just filled with completely ornate black decor — that would be full-on gothic. And it isn’t just black decor mixed into lighter spaces; that would be more Scandinavian. Modern goth is a devilishly good blend…

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5 Steps to Selecting the Right Plants for a Rain Garden (6 photos)

Plant selection for rain gardens is a real treat, because a rain garden gives you the opportunity to use resilient native plants that you might not otherwise have in your landscape. These plants are uniquely adapted to thriving in dry,…

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