June 2015

Neo-Romantic Art Gala raises £1.2m for NSPCC

Katherine Houston

Last night £1.2m was raised for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) at the much-anticipated Neo-Romantic Art Gala at Masterpiece London.

Deemed as one of the most glamorous charity events of…

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3 Things Cities and HUD Can Do to Stop Gentrification That Segregates

Redeveloping Shaw/U Street neighborhood in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Derek Hyra)

For more than five years, I have conducted fieldwork in Washington, D.C.’s redeveloping Shaw/U Street neighborhood. In the last decade, the community has become incredibly diverse both…

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Charlotte Streetcar Plans Get $1.5 Million Boost From Knight

The Gold Line streetcar will soon join Charlotte’s public transit mix, which already includes the light-rail Blue Line. (Photo by Justin Ruckman)

Last week, Charlotte’s City Council OK’d $7.7 million for streetcar expansion work. The first 1.5-mile…

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To-Dos: Your July Home Checklist (9 photos)

With Independence Day kicking off the month here in the States, kids in the throes of school break and the days (and evenings) luxuriously long, July is a month to celebrate summer in all its glory. So make a summer…

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New Yorkers Get Historic Rent Freeze

A Rent Guidelines Board meeting in early June (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

“A normal market of free bargaining between landlord and tenant” is probably the last phrase anybody would use to describe New York City’s red-hot rental market. The…

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Room of the Day: Master Bath Gets the Luxe Treatment (6 photos)

For about four years, a Texas couple imagined how to make the tiny bathroom in their 1950s ranch house feel larger and more elegant. Tapping the team at Studio Tupelo Modern Interiors for their project was the right move for…

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Shop Houzz: Mysterious Ocean (65 photos)

Before humans set out to explore space, the vast oceans that cover 70 percent of the planet were the focus of curiosity and exploration. From mythical mermaids and krakens to real-life giant squids and freaky fish, all sorts of ocean…

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9 New Ways With Red, White and Blue (9 photos)

Sure, red, white and blue are striking on Old Glory, but it’s not a common color scheme for homes. That isn’t to say it can’t work. The trick to making it look fresh and modern is to play around with…

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